Поездки в Великобританию

Уже несколько лет подряд в нашей гимназии организуются поездки учащихся в Великобританию во время летних каникул. Организаторы поездок – учителя Шилкина О.В. и Хлуновская Т.Ю.  

Данное направление работы кафедры представляется весьма перспективным, так как поездки в Великобританию во время летних каникул и  обучение на Кембриджских курсах способствуют дальнейшему повышению уровня сформированности речевых умений и навыков учащихся нашей гимназии и повышению мотивации к изучению иностранных языков.

 2019 год
Отзывы участников поездки

Холодная Анастасия, 2019

My study at EJO course was a wonderful experience that I’d like to repeat. Every student should be acquainted with this amazing organisation that can provide you not only with education but also with new friends from all over the world! It was my fourth time when I did EJO course but in these 2 weeks I’ve tried something new-IELTS. Our teacher Stephen taught us a lot of new. The format of lessons was completely different from the one in school. If Stephen felt that we were tired he played with us in different games in English. He tried to find approach to every student and never refused to help us. His creativity and talent in teaching could be seen by everyone.
I’ve broadened my horizons and gained a lot of knowledge at his lessons. It is no doubt that if I had a chance to experience it the second time I would definitely do it.
Now I would like to say a few words about My host Family that was absolutely amazing. Can you imagine somebody who knows you only for 2 weeks and treats you as if you were his very close friend? Nicki and Jack proved that it is possible! I’ve had a great time while staying at their house and got acquainted with other students from abroad who were also very nice to me.
Staying in host family is a vital part of the whole journey. You can practice your English skills and improve your level. Speaking with your host family is a key to success.
If you are still doubting whether to go to England to do EJO course or not I would strongly recommend you to read the reviews of other students and understand that it’s time to pack your luggage and experience this journey as soon as possible.

Миша Овечкин, 2019


I really liked my trip to Great Britain.
First thing first, I liked my host family. They were very kind, and very attentive to all my requests. When I was living, they gave me a pretty t-shirt! I hope, I will live in their family next year.
I think this course and the teacher were very good. I understood everything and the atmosphere was really good. I hope the next year course will be even better and even more useful for me.
The teacher was very kind, organised and the course was very well structured.
Most of all, I liked my second excursion to London. At first we rode on a London eye, then gladly walked through the Tower Bridje, looked at Buckingham Palace and a Westminster Abbey, saw Big Ben, which was unfortunately closed because of reconstruction, then we got a Tralfargar Square, and then, last of all, we got a Covent Garden market, where we got some free time.
Last of all, I would like to study at this school again because teachers and other staff were very polite for me and they helped me a lot. I spent a great time at this school.
Before being in London, I thought that it`s the tourist centre, full of foreigners. But I was wrong, because it looked like Moscow. Like most capital cities, it was noisy, polluted and congested with traffic.

Даша Трошина, 2019


This is my second time in England. Besides, before we were going to Guildford, my group and I spent 4 days in Edinburgh. I think that these made a sense because it was a chance to find out more about other city. Everyday was energetic and it helped us to feel the atmosphere of Scotland and to be engaged in daily routine of citizens. We explored loads of fascinating attractions. For example: Edinburgh Castle, Palace of Holyrood and St Giles’ Cathedral. However, the most impressive for me was Arthur’s Seat. I am sure that everyone have to ride on the top of the mountain and see their own eyes the beauty of this marvelous city, go through lushes during walking, capture brilliant moments on each level of the mountain and the most essential is feeling of freedom when you standing on the top. So, I am so glad that my parents allowed me to go else to the Scotland.
As for Guildford, I think that this is not less lively and calm town. Although it is not my first time here, I could find out something new for myself. If you are going to visit Guildford don’t even doubt. I am sure that you are going to fall in love with him. For example, you can wander through the streets where Lewis Carrol found inspiration to write his novel “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland”. Also, you have a chance to enjoy your lunch in a wonderful garden in Guildford Castle.
As for school, EJO offers you an interesting program. It is a good practicing chance to develop your language skills. This year I had another course, so it impressed me a lot due to its opportunity to communicate more, to prepare for exam. Of course, I have to say that I am so lucky to have a brilliant teacher Stephen. Every lesson we made up so many developing exercises, played interesting games, I am sure that I will use them when I come to Moscow. What’s more, EJO offers you a lot of excursions. They not only help you to rest from lessons during the week but also extend your horizons. It is a lively capacity to find out more about the culture of the country. So, if you decide to attend this organization or not do it.
As for the hosts, I didn’t change them this year because they are fantastic. Diana and Charlie Alden are very kind, intelligent and caring people. I am so happy to spend these two weeks with them. Everyday I had tasty dishes, big and comfortable lunches. Also, sometimes we had a movie evening with sweets and popcorn. Besides, they always tried to communicate with us more. That is why it is also a good practicing chance to develop your language skill. Also, when you are living in families, this is an excellent chance to be involved in the daily routine of locals people.
To sum up, I would like to say that going abroad and study any language is a profitable opportunity for everyone. You will not only improve your abilities but also learn more about the country or city. For me, it is the most impressive and best experience that I ever had. I hope that this journey help me to develop my personality more.
Besides, I am very thankful to my group leaders Olga Vyacheslavovna and Antonina Sergeevna for their patience, kindness, intelligence and care. They are the best of the best. And, of course, during this period I met loads of amazing people. Thank you!

Yaroslav Dronin, 2019


It’s Yarik.
My host family was very nice. We talked a lot.  I went to Royal Grammar School. It was a bit boring. All excursions were interesting and full of fun.

I think I had a good time

england 2018
england 2018

Хейзелмир / Гилфорд

Лето было необычным для тех, кто выбрал образовательную поездку в Великобританию  по приглашению EJO (Elisabeth Johnson Organisation). Во-первых, в Англию выезжали несколько групп в сопровождении преподавателей Измайловской школы №1508 и направлялись они в разные города - Haslemere и Guildford.Традиционно, организационный период был очень напряженным, поскольку руководители школьных  поездок сами готовили  пакет документов. Во-вторых, приятный сюрприз преподнесла погода. По опыту предыдущего года все ожидали прохладу и дожди, и ошиблись. Было непривычно солнечно и  тепло – восхитительная погода для путешествий  и летней учебы.
Поездка по приглашению EJO  удачно сочетает полезное с приятным. Проживание в семье, учеба в  группах со сверстниками из разных стран мира, экскурсии предоставляли возможность расширить свой кругозор, говорить на английском языке и совершенствовать свои навыки общения. Спортивные мероприятия, поездка в парк аттракционов, внеурочная деятельность не давали ни мгновения скучать и позволили насладиться каникулами в полной мере.
Две недели прошли незаметно. Не забывай нас, Англия! Мы снова приедем!
О.В. Шилкина, Т.Ю. Хлуновская

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